5 Cost-Effective Ways to Take Your Digital Customer Experience to the Next Level.

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Take Your Digital Customer Experience to the Next Level. [Updated 2021]

The recent pandemic has made online shopping increasingly popular. People of all ages are now changing their preferences and migrating online. So whether you’re selling groceries or cars, providing the best-in-class digital customer experience is now a key differentiator. In many ways, it’ll decide the future of your organisation.

This customer migration to online means both challenges and opportunities for your business. Your customer needs are evolving. They’re moving through complex buyer journeys. Industry competition is cut-throat. As a result, you’re probably looking for ways to reinvent your digital customer support to stay ahead of the curve.

Well, you’re at the right place. Here are 5 cost-effective ways your business can enhance its digital customer support.

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1. Be wherever your customers are.

The number of places your customers can be online keeps increasing every year. And they also expect your brand to be present on all those channels. So they can easily find you without having to look around.

So the trick is not just to have a presence. But be active across all these channels. Here are two ways you can do this:

  • Find out where your target audience is spending time online. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are some of the most popular places to establish a strong presence.
  • Integrate all these channels fully to manage customer interactions online effectively.

2. Don’t just talk, Engage with your Customers.

Imagine sharing a problem with someone who already knows where you’re coming from. It makes the conversation more engaging, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what your customers expect from your digital customer support team.

Conversational customer experience means acknowledging who you’re talking to and their interaction history with your brand. Start by creating an omnichannel customer database and track each conversation. It ensures customers don’t have to reintroduce themselves every time they ask for assistance.

3. Make your Customers Feel like they’re being Heard.

Taking customer feedback and implementing them is a great way to improve brand loyalty.

Work on collecting and centralising quality data from all your digital customer interactions. Use methods such as Social Listening and analysing reviews to your advantage. These provide valuable insights into what’s working in customer support and what’s not. Once you get these insights, optimise your experience accordingly.

4. Add a Human Touch to your Chat Support

Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots are efficient in providing quick responses. However, these responses don’t always solve a customer’s problem.

Several surveys show that most of your customers are not looking for a quick generic response to their queries. Instead, they’re often looking forward to interacting with someone who can thoroughly understand their problem and solve it effectively.

As a result, allowing trained human chat operators to manage your customer queries can really help your brand stand out.

5. Experience the entire digital journey yourself.

Your customers come from different backgrounds – age, ethnicity, gender, culture, and religion. So it is crucial to make sure there is no negative emotion across the buyer’s journey.

Create a user persona for each section of your target audience. Run these personas through your digital journey to identify and fix any frictions.

Think Digital. Think Global.

Digital customer experience is not just a fad. It’s here to stay. It’s now a deciding factor in how customers from various cultural backgrounds view your brand. Therefore, the better you get at providing it, the greater your brand equity. 

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