5 Ways Human Chat Interaction Can Help Improve Your Brand Experience.

Customers have high expectations about any brand they interact with. Therefore, their satisfaction should be central to your business strategy. Particularly online, where customers are just clicking away from switching to your competition. And if you can’t live up to their expectations, they won’t think twice before taking their business elsewhere.

We know that sounds cruel. But that’s just the way the digital realm is today.

If you’ve integrated (or planning to!) chatbots to your digital brand touch-points to take care of your customer interactions, we’ve got some bad news. 

Studies show that customers are increasingly getting tired of the generic interactions offered by AI-powered chatbots. Up to 86% of your customers prefer talking to an actual human being instead.

So how do you keep your customers engaged and stand out from the crowd?

Turns out that bringing back the human touch to your communication might just be the answer.

Here are 5 ways integrating human Live Chat can make conversations meaningful and help enhance your brand experience:

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1. They show Acknowledgement & Empathy

We can’t stretch the importance of empathy in the customer-facing roles enough. That’s where human live chat operators shine compared to bots.

Ask yourself this: are you treating your customers the way you’d want to be treated as one?

Well-trained chat operators make sure each and every interaction you have with your customer demonstrate empathy. Because it goes a long way.

2. They’re Responsive

Customers value a brand that values their time. That’s why offering lightning-fast response should be central to your customer support strategy.

However, offering a fast response isn’t good enough. Giving contextual replies are equally important.

Human live chat operators are trained to manage multiple customers at once. 24/7 chat support makes you available to your customers round the clock. And most importantly, chat operators with a problem–solving mindset mean your customers get meaningful solutions to their problems every time they reach out. 

3. They’re Diligent

Being diligent in not only solving the problem but following up afterwards is of utmost importance too.

Customers often disconnect if the solution provided isn’t working the way they expected. So your chat operators can do a quick follow–up on whether the issue is resolved. This can go a long way into making the customer feel special. Increasing brand loyalty along the way.

4. They’re Thorough & Forthcoming

When a customer pays for your service, they want an uninterrupted flow. But sometimes, errors do occur. That’s common. But the real problem starts when your customer service fails to explain this to the customer. That’s when the frustrations begin to build – up.

One of the critical differences between bots and human chat operators is their ability to thoroughly explain a problem. Apologise for the issue and provide a reasonable timeline for resolving it.

5. They Rapport with Customers

When we speak, our tone clarifies and conveys meaning. This helps the other person understand what we’re going through. The same is true for chatting.

Understanding the customer’s tone and reading the sentiments behind it allows the other party to respond accordingly. Again, this is a skill a trained human chat operator can bring to the table.

A human chat operator can quickly establish and nurture a friendly, helpful relationship by reflecting and adjusting the customer’s tone.

Making your Chat Interactions Stand Out

As customers move from shopping in their local stores to your website, they expect the same level of personalised support system. So adding the human touch to your brand communication is now the future of your business in many ways.

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