142nd IPU Assembly 24-27 May 2021

Throughout the year, the IPU and its Members organize many events for parliamentarians to exchange good practices, acquire the latest information and identify avenues for action. From biannual Assemblies that bring together hundreds of MPs and delegates. They do workshops on the Sustainable Development Goals

Like every year this year also the IPU Executive Committee decided that, in view of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact, the 142nd IPU Assembly would be held during the week of 24 May 2021 in virtual format. In order to examine the implications of such an unprecedented virtual Assembly and to find the best possible solutions, the Executive Committee decided to set up a Working Group composed of representatives of the geopolitical groups, the Bureau of Women Parliamentarians and the Board of the Forum of Young Parliamentarians, and supported by the IPU Secretariat. 

To arrange this kind of event IPU conducted a lot of virtual meetings from the 1st week of May 2021. In order to support these meetings, they needed a reliable live chat system where the users can take support easily and instantly. That’s where Nobotchat comes in.

On this virtual event, NobotChat provided the chat software and chat technical agents for the live chat.

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