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The GCTF Capacity-Building in the East Africa Region Working Group Co-Chairs, Egypt and the European Union, convened a virtual workshop on Strengthening Civil Society, National and Regional Approaches to Dialogue and Community Resilience in East Africa. The purpose was to profile the complexities of dialogue and community resilience initiatives in the East Africa region and to discuss international and regional obligations related to promoting resilience along with exploring current actions to meet these obligations. Importantly, the workshop identified lessons learned from East Africa, emerging new activities aimed at promoting more effective dialogue and building community resilience, and recommendations for various stakeholder groups on how best to engage in dialogue and resilience building in the region.

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Once Embedded the link on the right bottom corner we
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Overall, this was a success because our Chat Agents weren’t
just customer services agents who takes the visitors
information and then has to pass it to someone else to fix the
problems. These are qualified Technical resources who knew
the platform, who were able to find out about the
applications and events within very short period of time.
There was also an element of challenge as the invitees to the
event were mostly government officials from different
countries, so in depth technical skills and excellent customer
service manners have been at the forefront of the event’s
And this is what NoBotChat is about, we provide technical
chat resources to our customers so that the issues , especially
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To rephrase the above

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This is what NoBotChat is about, an excellent technical service combined with the professionalism and customer service that only an exceptional human being can provide

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