2020 General Meeting of the Company Livingbridge delivered


Initial meeting with our clients - NobotChat team met with our clients and discussed the scope of Support needed.

Service Level Agreement was agreed and aligned with our client’s needs- After we identified areas where we can help, we used this information to determine how many of our agents were needed to complete the project.

Planning ahead - Our team of experts and managers plan ahead for the event. Assignments and training were provided to everyone who were involved in the project.

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Chat Support started to go live 1 hour prior to the event.

Our agents were able to readily respond to increase of visitors, registering and checking the site link.

They answer questions from basic login issues to site navigation.

We monitored the site traffic throughout the entire event. Our agents proactively engaged with visitors who appeared to be staying longer in the login page, making it faster and easier for everyone to login.


Immediately after the event, a detailed report were proactively sent to the client.

Identified and categorized valid from invalid missed chats. Identified that missed chats were triggered by the testing done by the agents prior to the event but confirmed that overall, there were no missed chats during the event as seen from the hourly summary.

14 from the over all total of chat was initiated by our operators. These are related to participants who stayed longer in the login page.

Overall our team answered 23 chats and got an overall 100% percent satisfaction rate.


The event ended with everyone being able to login and participate with the live event. Major login hassle and navigation were prevented because the agents proactively guided and engaged everyone in in need of assistance.

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