Importance of Chat agents in a Successful Live Event

Importance of Chat agents in a Successful Live Event in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly affected the global economy. While the entire world has fallen prey to its appalling effects, businesses-in particular, however, feel this outbreak stymied their functioning the most.

With the new normal, work-from-home became an obligation and no longer an option, businesses specifically started exploring all the options there that could prevent the outbreak and keep the hustle up and running. Amidst all these, conducting live events became the most standard, prevalent, and feasible solution.

The live streaming business is booming and so are the efforts into giving it as close to reality feel as possible. What corresponds to a live event’s success is a lasting impact coupled with an unforgettable experience for its attendees. Therefore, businesses are investing for the best customer support and hence have increasingly seen using the live chat features to enhance and maximize their potential client. 

Let’s dive deep into how a sturdy live chat support system proves a successful live event.

-A must-have communication tool

Modern business models are not only designed for brand recognition and market share, it needs to strive for an effective and successful experience with their customers. This is where live chat agents come into play.


The live agent provides real-time and one-on-one support to the attendees. The agents on-board provide prompt technical support by recommending links to relevant information. Live agents ensure to help and resolve technical issues in exchange for an overall customer satisfaction rating.    

-Live Chat agents over Chatbot: Any given day

Live Chat agents over Chatbot: Any given day

Human-assisted support channels definitely build a greater level of confidence with customers. According to a case study where a UN General Assembly Live event was assisted by NobotChat.com agents, out of 460 users in a live event, 64 faced login issues that were instantly addressed by agents.  

Issues regarding missing login credentials, trouble signing in, lost passwords, and other general questions were all promptly attended to and resolved by live agents. To top it off, the average response time for a chat was less than 10 seconds.

When the users were asked if they were satisfied with the services and if their problems were resolved, all gave positive feedback and a customer satisfaction rating of   100%. Not to mention that each live agent handled the issue of each client solely.


-Immediacy facilitates better customer support

The foundation of any successful business lies in a ‘customer-first policy. Best customer support provides an excellent and prompt live chat service.

While the process of troubleshooting a problem and then providing a solution prolongs the delivery of service generally leaving users dissatisfied, live agents in comparison to that are more effective. considering they are fully equipped with all the possible technical support the user requires, they can attend to users immediately leaving no customer on hold. 

-Leveraging reach

Similar to any online-streaming or virtual event, attendees tend to discuss it elsewhere via social media and other messaging applications. Since it would be hard for the companies to keep their viewers within a confined channel, there would be a chance of potentially losing a customer. An effective live agent can help save this kind of attendees.


-Improved navigation metrics

For any live event, page navigation is extremely crucial. The inability of an attendee to find relevant, required information or service is one of the weakest links of a company.  To have an easy and overall better customer experience, the live agents can help the customer to identify the desired information in real-time which will ultimately not only improve navigation metrics but would make the users’ experience far more easy and simple.

 -Live events and live agents: A force to reckon with.

If you are a business owner trying to get the hang of work-from-home techniques, live events might be your go-to choice. Considering all the aforementioned reasons, it is obviously clear how to live agents are the only force that can exponentially boost an event. 

Nobotchat with its highly skilled team of technical service providers and a user-friendly application, beaming with professionalism and excellent customer service manners is all that you are looking for. With an amazing customer satisfaction rate, three-folds better reach, and a significant boost in engagement, Nobotchat will prove to be the game-changers for your business.

Get in touch with us and watch your business ascends exponentially.

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