Why should you have live chat support for your ecommerce site

Why should you have live chat support for your e-commerce site?

It’s no secret that customer support service can either take your eCommerce business to the top or break it, as it plays an essential role in maintaining a good relationship with your customers. In fact, live chat customer service is so essential that, by the year 2022, 85 Percent of the business are expected to opt for live chat support.

By adopting live chat on your website, you have a huge advantage over your competitors because impeccable customer support service can help you in generating sales and earning customers’ trust. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why you should have live chat support for your e-commerce site.

Reasons why you need live chat for e-commerce stores

  • Save Time For The Customers

According to Forrester, more than 73 percent of people say that valuing their time is one of the most important parts of good customer service.

Save Time For The Customers

Live chat support service can save the time of customers by pointing them in the right direction when they visit the site for the first time. Not only this, with live chat, you can suggest items from the store and answer customers’ questions in a quick manner.

  • Saves Operational Costs

By implementing live chat on your eCommerce website, you can save money. Usually, customers contact you through emails or phone calls, which can get time-consuming and expensive because you need to employ people to answer the phone calls or respond to emails.

However, with live chat, you allow your customer support agents to address multiple queries simultaneously, which cuts down labor costs and helps the team be more productive. If we talk numbers, live chats are 50 Percent cheaper than the traditional phone calls for customer service.

  • Improves Online Experience 

Research by Emarketer suggests that 40 percent of the customers who use a live chat on websites are more likely to make an online purchase. This shows that fast customer support service can help you in generating sales and at the same time provide the customers with a good online shopping experience.

  • Builds Trust

Customers are more likely to trust a business or a company that provides them with a live chat support service to solve their queries. Live chat makes the customer feel that you care about their queries and also care about them. As a result, this will allow them to trust you, and they will come again if they have more queries, which means more sales for the company.

Bot Chat Vs Human Touch

When it comes to live chat on websites, customers prefer human interaction more than bots. In fact, more than 83 percent of the customers say that they prefer humans over digital channels when they are live chatting on a site.


Here are some of the differences between Bot chat and Human touch that will show why you need human touch when resolving customers queries:

  • Humans can handle complex, technical customer queries, whereas chatbots are only good for simple FAQs.
  • Human Intervention in live chats means that there is going to be a solution at the end of the conversation. While in chatbots, in 71 Percent of the cases, customers do not get an answer they were looking for
  • Live human chat service gives a more human touch and empathy compared to chatbot
  • Chatbots only answers based on their pre-programmed knowledge whereas humans can improvise
  • The only advantage that AI bots have over humans is that they are available 24/7 and answer more quickly; however, their efficiency is still questioned.

Bottom Line

Offering live chat support for E-Commerce sites is a highly lucrative addition because it will help you in boosting sales, increasing conversion rates, and providing a good online customer experience. 

If you are wondering about the best live chat provider that can help you grow your e-commerce site and provide the much-needed human touch to your website, then we would advise you to check out NoBotChat. We deliver high-level customer satisfaction by providing highly trained chat operators, fast responses, and 24/7 live chat support. Give us a call now or book your session online to see how we can help your business grow! 

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