NobotChat provided the chat software and chat technical agents for the live chat . Chat agents were logged in and answered questions about the event, and solved any login issues that the users faced.

The agent onboard was smooth and efficient, the customer explained the requirements and helped implementing the necessary step to ensure the agents would be as self-sufficient as possible

Issues ranging from users not receiving their login details, lost password, re-sending the login credentials to general questions regarding what time was the event and if there were recordings, or what is the link to the events etc.

We were requested about to provide this service around 8 am this morning and the event was scheduled for 13:30 pm.

nobotchat chat support
WTV Login by live chat

We have quickly created the links to our software to embed in WTV Webpage

nobochat chat support popup

Once Embedded  the link  on the right bottom corner we saw the chat widget appeared.

Once a visitor clicks  the Chat Opens up and looks like this..

nobochat chat support popup

We have matched the colour of the chat with the page.. we have changed the chat title to show this is a WTV Event.

Once users type something on the chat it gets into our chat queue, and one of 2 agents picks it up. The average time was less then 10 seconds for a chat to be picked up..


We have served total of 64 chats. Total 460 users were logged into the live event and 64 of them were having issues logging in.


The Nobotchat dashboard enabled the customer to be witness of the success, whilst being part of the escalation process where required


Out of these 64 chats, we did not miss any chat, and we have achieved 100% chat satisfactions. This is left by the users who initiated the chats and our survey asked if they were happy with the services and if we have managed to resolve their issues. And everyone responded positively.

nobochat chat support popup
nobochat chat support popup

On the backend, we could see how many users were visiting the page at one time, and if anyone initiated the chat, it was coming into our queue.

nobochat chat support popup

We could also see where the person is located when they initiated the chat with us and which page they were on (in this case it was a single page).

nobochat chat support popup

We can see a lot of very useful information about how these chats were handled, who started the chat etc.

nobochat chat support popup

We can see a lot of very useful information about how these chats were handled, who started the chat etc.

nobotchat technical support

Overall, this was a success because our Chat Agents weren’t just customer services agents who takes the visitors information and then has to pass it to someone else to fix the problems.  These are qualified Technical resources who knew the platform, who were able to find out about the applications and events within very short period of time.

There was also an element of challenge as the invitees to the event were mostly government officials from different countries, so in depth technical skills and excellent customer service manners have been at the forefront of the event’s success

And this is what NoBotChat is about, we provide technical chat resources to our customers so that the issues , specially on a live event can be solved within very short period of time. To rephrase the above

nobochat chat support popup

This is what NoBotChat is about, an excellent technical service combined with the professionalism and customer service that only an exceptional human being can provide

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